Blooming Kalakar Instrumental Competition

Blooming Kalakar is organizing online national level instrumental competition to give wings to the talent of many.

Many aspiring instrumentalist choose to enter talent competitions. It is a great way of getting noticed in the industry and gaining exposure to a wider audience. They can also be a strong way to develop as a singer and also develop confidence as a performer.

It’s a great way to get exposure in the music industry and meet people who could potentially help you in the future. Whatever stage you’re at, a singing competition is designed to test your abilities against other performers and help you improve. 

Last Date of Registration: 14th March 2021

1st Prize - Rs.50,000/-

2nd Prize - Rs.40,000/-

Competition is completely online, registered candidates will be sent instructions regarding online procedure.

Register for the Instrumental Competition

Solo Instrumentalist
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Dual Instrumentalists
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Group of Instrumentalists
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Registration fee will be refunded if you are not selected under top 100.

Last Date Of Registration

14th March 2021

Audition Starting Date

4th April 2021

All Kind Of Instruments Are Allowed In The Competition.

Selection Rounds

Round 1: Best 100 instrumentalist will be selected from all the registered instrumentalist. (this selection will be done by judges)
Round 2: Best 80 instrumentalist will be selected.
Round 3: Best 60 instrumentalist will be selected.
Round 4:  Best 40 instrumentalist will be selected.
Round 5:  Best 30 instrumentalist will be selected.
Round 6:  Best 20 instrumentalist will be selected.
Round 7: Best 15 instrumentalist will be selected.
Round 8: Best 10 instrumentalist will be selected.
Round 9: Top 5 instrumentalist will be selected.
Round 10: Top 2 instrumentalist will be selected and will be given the cash prize.

Selection Procedure

  1. From all the registered instrumentalists top 100 sounds will be selected by the judges, after that all the screening will be done on the basis of the audience voting.
  2. Best 100 instrumentalists will receive the instruction about the competition. (Our team will promote the instrumentalists )
  3. Audience voting will be done online and through SMS. (Voting system will be explained to the instrumentalists).
  4. Judges will also evaluate the instrumentalists on the basis of the performance and the score of the judges will carry 50% of the total votes. (voting calculation will be explained to the best 100 instrumentalists)
  5. Instrumentalists receiving maximum votes will be selected for every round.

Perks of the Competiton

  1. First Prize will receive Rs.50,000/-.
  2. Second Prize will receive Rs.40,000/-.
  3. Instrumentalists will receive name and fame because our team will be promoting the instrumentalists.
  4. Instrumentalist will get opportunity to perform on our upcoming Music Album.
  5. Instrumentalists can get Album of top participants. (Starting from top 100, top 80, top 60, top 40, top 30, top 20, top 15, top 10.

Competition Rules

  1. The competition will be completely online.
  2. In Solo entry, only 1 instrumentalist can perform.
  3. In Dual entry, only 2 instrumentalists can perform.
  4. In Group entry, 3 – 9 instrumentalists can perform.
  5. Minimum time limit is 2 minutes, the maximum time limit is 15 minutes.
  6. No age limit.
  7. Competition is purely Instruments based, therefore no vocal should be included in the Music.
  8. There is no instrument barriers instrumentalists can use any instrument in the competition.
  9. Instrumentalists can play any music, it can be an own original or a copied version.
  10. Instrumentalists can submit new performance in every round or can change the performance video in any specific round. (We suggest to give different performance video in every round to get maximum votes)
  11. Instrumentalists will have to send us the video of their performance and that video should not be uploaded elsewhere.
  12. Votes received for the instrumentalists after voting time will not be considered.
  13. Substitutes regarding the competition will be notified. (If any)
  14. Instrumentalists will retain the copyright of the music.
  15. If the instrumentalist is found misbehaving or violating any of the rules will be disqualified immediately.

For any query feel free to write to us on /